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Men's Mod Style Loafers

When it comes to Mod Loafers, we consider these a staple go-to street shoe for Mods. They are ‘the’ mod shoe. They come in various different styles, some with tassels and the classic Penny Loafers others with the feather exude what a mod is about. This along with Desert boots are what typifies exactly what being a Mod is all about. Typically, if someone spots a pair of these, they can tell you are from Mod subculture, a mile off. 

As you can see they are mainly available in Oxblood and Black. 

They look great with jeans. They look great with sta press trousers. Great for a night out in, wherewith leather soles you can dance around all night in. You will see from our selection that we keep the very best, from the top brands in Mod Culture with the likes of ikon and Delicious Junction all presenting their own unique take. You will see the mod leather loafers typically in classic Oxblood, Black and Burgundy.